New rules for segregation of municipal waste

As of April 1, 2019, there are new rules regarding the segregation of garbage. This is due to the need to comply with new European Union regulations. We remind you that waste segregation is not only our duty, but also to contribute to the improvement of the environment. It is worth taking care of a clean Earth – after all, it is our home. What has really changed?

From April, you should put waste in containers with specific colors.

  • The brown container is for all other waste such as food scraps, in the form of peelingsów of the fruitów and vegetables, ogryzków, eggshells or fusów after coffee and tea,
  • The blue bin is for paper, cardboard, notebooks, newspapers. It is worth remembering that any paper going into the blue bin must be clean, dry and grease-free,
  • gray container is intended for mixed waste such as used tissues, paper towels, diapers, greased paper, as well as meat and bone scraps,
  • The green container is intended for all glass packaging, bottles and jars,
  • żóThe second container is for packaging made of plastic and metal. Thus, these are all food packaging, shampoo, bath liquid, laundry detergent, toothpasteów and all the other cosmetic packaging, as well as packaging made of Styrofoam.

Until the end of June 2022, you may not comply with the aforementioned coloróin a containerów. However, in this case, it is necessary to describe them according to the rules below:

Each container must be labeled with names:

  • „Bio”,
  • „Metals and plastics”,
  • „Mixed waste”,
  • „Paper”,
  • „Glass”.

This is only a transitional period, który gives them time to make changes and adjust their containersów to new provisionsóin introduced by the European Union. As of July 2011, all containers will have to be the right colors. It is the responsibility of all residentsów, failure to comply with it may have unpleasant consequences. If you are still looking for a reliable company thatóra will take care of the service wywófrom krak junków be sure to check out ProEko’s offer. This is one of the most recommended companies in the field in the Małopolska region. In addition to garbage collection, it offers many other services such as containerized disposalófrom garbage, disposalóof the wasteóin municipal, post-construction, renovation, hazardous, industrial, electro-wasteów and packaging. In addition, he is engaged in róThe company also buys and recycles raw materials from the garbageóin and environmental outsourcing.