Lodz University of Technology invites you to break the Guinness World Record on Pi Number Day

On March 14, the Technical University of Lodz invites you to break the Guinness record in setting the longest chain of people forming the expansion of the number Pi. The event is three weeks away, but event organizers are already preparing for this challenging trial.

The number Pi is infinite after the decimal point, but many of us remember it as 3.14. This value is referred to on the date when this world’s most famous number celebrates its holiday.

The current Guinness World Record for „The longest expansion of the number Pi composed of personsób" is 627 waspsób. The record was set by the mBank Foundation on March 14, 2018 in Warsaw.

Guinness record breaking, which is the culmination of the „Pi Number Day at PŁ", will begin at. 13.00 at a designated, specially marked location on the B campus of the Technical University of Łódzka. Everyone who joins the mathematical chain of expanding the number Pi will receive a commemorative diploma and a gift.

Pi number day at the Technical University of LóThe school’s activities include other attractions for schoolchildren. The university has prepared many workshopsów, lectureóin and the showóin kół science. There will be student inventions, explosive experiments and modern technologies. The attractive program has already attracted the interest of many schoolsól of Lodz and the region. The organizers expect that this large number of young people present will allow to break the Guinness record.