Blue Origin presents a model of the Blue Moon lunar lander

Jeff Bezos, head of Blue Origin, presented at a press conference a mock-up of a lunar lander called Blue Moon, which aims to take humans to the surface of the Moon. The billionaire also announced that the first flight to the Silver Globe will take place within five years.

The Blue Moon lander, Bezos assured at the Washington conference, will be capable of delivering a payload of 3.6 tons to the lunar surface, and up to 6.5 tons in an expanded version. Blue Moon is to be launched into space by a New Glenn rocket (currently under development) and will be equipped with a brand new BE-7 engine, which willórego thrust is expected to be 40 kN.

– Time wrócient to go to the Moon and stay there this time – said Bezos. According to him, the new landmass is a necessary step towards this. – The price of accessing interesting things in space is currently too high, and that’s because there is no infrastructure – explained.

Blue Origin’s website describes the lander as capable of „precision and soft landings”, to make it possible „permanent human presence on the moon”. The first test of the rocket along with the lander is expected to take place as early as this summer. Work on the lander, the billionaire revealed, has been underway for three years.

Bezos during his speech referredóFOLLOW THE PLANóIn an announcement at the end of March by US Vice President Mike’and Pence’whoóry announced that the United States intends to wrótion to the Moon by 2024. It is no coincidence that this date coincides with the planned launches of the Blue Moon lander. Bezos offered swój lander, as a vehicle for NASA missions. Eventually, the Pence móHe has decided on a public-private partnership.

W przemóIn his speech, Bezos referred to the idea of extracting water from aboard theóin lunar ice, as well as potential solar energy harvesting on the Moon. The lander itself is to be powered by waterór, który theoretically could be mined on our natural satellite.

However, despite the media hype wokół the billionaire conference was quite enigmatic. He did not provide much detailółów lander. More mówished about the future of humanity. He presented visions of moving manufacturing into space with millions of employeesów. He illustrated his words with pictures of self-sustaining space colonies where people could live. – It’s a great vision, but you have to start smallów – said Bezos.